Saturday, November 26, 2005

Delivery to Relish

Welcome to my new Blog! I am a Knit Wear designer, Knitting Teacher, and newly Published Pattern Writer. This is really just a way to show my Hand Knit Ready To Wear Line and Pattern development to my friends and students before they end up in stores or magazines (hopefully!)

This morning I dropped off Five new hats at Relish, a beautiful modern shop in the Pearl in Portland. Check out Trisha's beautiful store at

I have many pictures and no where for them to be displayed! So if you would like, take a look at two seasons worth of knitting!


Anonymous said...

Where can the pattern(s) be purchased for Knitting on the Grill? Great show of creativity!

Laura said...

Unfortunately they are not written out, yet. Eventually we will figure out the best way to distribute and sell the patterns. I will keep you posted! thanks so much for the interest!-laura