Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Patterns for Beginners

Can't get enough of my Pom Pon? Hat pattern
coming soon!

I've been using my Holiday Vacation to work on some patterns for
My Beginning Knitting Classes at Lint. We recommend using Lamb's Pride for the first three weeks, while the students learn all the technical stuff.

And For the Last three weeks everyone picks out Their first project!!! Pattern, Needles and Yarn.

This is a fingerless mitten I call a Smoot. They were made
with Lamb's Pride Worsted, Hooray! A project made in the
First yarn the students ever Knit with.

This is also Lamb's Pride Worsted.
Matching Hat and Smoots set for your two First Knitting Projects, Howbout?

And don't worry about Striping, because you can always just use one color!

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