Sunday, May 07, 2006

Brooklyn Cap in Interweave Knits and My "bit" on HGTV's "That's Clever!"

The Interweave Knits Summer 2006 Issue is in full circulation...Lint and I received it the same day. I couldn't be more excited that they included my blog address in the little profile sentence at the bottom of the page.

I also wanted to announce a little "bit" I did for the show "That's Clever!" on HGTV a few weeks ago! It's a show that features different Artists(?) from all over the Country. It's filmed in your workspace while you create something "clever". Then they edit it like crazy, and speed you up like a cartoon. My project was the Chianti Tweed Felted Hat (photo below)

There are going to be around 18 artists (?) from Portland that will be featured on the show! ...Lovin Portland......


tree said...

Hi Laura -- I popped over from IK to tell you I love the pattern and am ordering yarn today to make one for everyone I know (or at least everyone in my family). Thanks!

Jolie said...


Do you know when this show will air? I would love to see it.

My friend and I had a great time taking a class from you at Lint. You are a great teacher. We desperately want to take your hat class, but we couldn't work it into our schedule this time around. We will definitely be looking for it when it's offered again.

Blue Skies!

Laura said...

Awsome! Thanks guys! I hope the hat making goes well, Tree!
And the hat design class will definately be offered again in the fall!

And the show won't be aired until after September! Crossing my fingers I don't look like a complete fool!

Hillary Holiday said...

Super fabulous Laura!! So sooo excited to see your uber fresh Brooklyn Cap making its way into the world!! Can't wait to see whats next!! Hats off (or on) to you fabulous lady! Hills

tiffanykapri said...

LOVE this pattern! It's so fresh!

Sorry if I am being dense, but where can I go to purchase more of your patterns? *fingers crossed* that you have more for sale!!

Laura said...

Hey, Cute family, Tiffany. I sell my patterns at Lint in Portland, and Article Pract in Oakland California. I've got the links on my blog somewhere. And there really arn't any more felted hat patterns out there, yet. But I'll keep the blog updated! thanks for your interest-laura