Monday, August 28, 2006

Take A Breath

Not me! You do it.
I know it's been a while, and although I don't have pretty pictures to post, (I'm waiting for just the right moment) I've got News News News to report.
After the BBQ Pattern Release, I've been in MAJOR pattern development mode,
and I've also been helping some amazing people with their incredible upcoming fashion shows (Portland Collections)

I promise to post new photos soon, thanks to Venus Magazine. And if you can't wait, (cause I can't) the Fall issue of Venus comes out September 1st!
Featuring the Photographic talents of Miss Holly Stalder (of the beloved Seaplane) designs of Elizabeth Dye, Church and State, Dayna Pinkham, Frocky Jack Morgan, Hubris and Sophrasyne, (I'm probably missing some designers) and Myself!

Here's a silly little photo just cause I'm sick of just text! A new Class/Pattern in the upcoming months!

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