Monday, November 13, 2006

New Felted Hats

These hats are some of my very first attempts at combining knitting /felting and blocking.
Blocking is a millinery technique where you steam the felt (in my case wool and mohair) and sculpt it over a wooden hat form by pulling and pinning and tying into place.
If you've ever been to Pinkham Millinery you will see Dayna's huge collection of these blocks. They are a rare treasure to find, and block makers are practically extinct. These blocks have added new character to my hats, that are otherwise sweet, but predictable.

Patricia No is the cutest. Period.
I couldn't resist pairing this hat with plaid button and Kathryn Towers'

Plaid Office Party Dress.


Winter Blue With Irregular Sized Buttons . $140

Heather Brown with Mustard Herringbone, and gold rectangle hardware. $140

Hats available at Seaplane.


Anonymous said...

Will you be selling these patterns at lint? i love everything you make. I just got 2 of your patterns this weekend at lint and love them!! please make more patterns!!!!!

Laura said...

Thanks so Much!
Unfortunately These will not be available as Patterns.
But my Felted Hat Pattern was in Interweave Knits Magazine Summer 06. And these hats are just variations on that pattern.

The Additional sewing can be too complex to write a pattern for. Plus every one is different, and spontaneous!