Friday, December 29, 2006

No Excuses

My New Year's resolution.
Some sweet hats and smoots came and went, and I've only got proof on my camera phone,(not really sure how you go about getting those!) But I la-la-loved the new Fair Isle Panel Felted Hats, and I must find a way to post Pics of those!
Left: Bag from LWD show. "Precious" Stamped Leather Strap with loads of chain connecting
The Shopping Season at Seaplane was amazing to watch, and what's even more amazing is that some of my favorite stuff is left!
Church + State Heaven and Earth bamboo dress
Jenesse bags (maroon and brown)

But Santa was good to me!
New Romika waterproof boots!
Gorgeous Zinda heels from Halo!
Prairie Underground Orange Hoodie!
Elspeth Vance Woven Earrings!
Patricia No Feather Earrings !
Leigh Radford shibori scarf!

So many beautiful things.
Of course some of my favorites were gifts my friends and family made me!
TW earrings and Mkbeaddesigns bracelet. Talented talented friends!

And some work supplies that are going to make my workspace more efficient!

With that, soon to follow will be more photos of hats.... etc.

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