Thursday, January 11, 2007

First hats of 2007

Like I said, no more excuses.
I didn't have a lovely model this time around, but most importantly I had a camera before these sweeties flew out the door. All Available at Seaplane

Winter Top with Black Satin Buttons

Army Green with metal buttons

Green and Brown Fair Isle

Behind the Stable with Herringbone Buttons

Ode to Patricia III

Forest Buckle

Snow Day

1 comment: said...

you are AMAZING!! It has been too long, too long. You look so gorgeous on hgtv, those new hats are awesome. By the way, two of my friends in ny saw the hats and want. Which are left? If they send me pics of which they like and they send you a check can you hold them and send them to ny? Lets get drinks soon, genius woman