Monday, February 12, 2007

Setting up for the Trunk Show

Okay. So my camera's not the best-and is extremely temperamental!

It looks like I came home with one photo...Very sad.

I did take a bunch on Natalie's camera, and hopefully will get some of those!

This is when we were setting up at the amazing restaurant 5 Ninth...Where I think we have made friends for life!
Sloemoh was our bartender, and heartbreaker!

We also met the best cabdriver in the City- George-who gave me his personal phone number so we could call him to come pick us up after the show. Who'dve thought cab drivers don't like to pick up sweet girls with tons and tons of boxes?

The show was amazing and we had a few representatives from some major magazines, and designers, show up to take pictures and chat.

But I would say we brought the party, truly representing Portland!
Jamie Hanson of Birds of Prey and Fleshtone fame
Amanda ,Blue Hour's Fromonge
our New York connection and veteran apprentice to Dayna, Santi
Natalie the youngest of the group, but hands downmost glamorous
Erin Rackelman Dayna's right hand woman and tallest drink of water,
and myself, everyone's Girl-Friday.

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