Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boutique Knits is Out!

Yep, yesterday a box of Boutique Knits was waiting for me when I got home. Which makes me think they must be out in the world - available for purchase! Yay! Well, in case I'm wrong- Seaplane has a couple for you to peruse if you are curious!
827 NW 23rd Portland Or, 97210 503-234-2409

My line of knits has been put on the back burner over the last four months or so...I've been busy organizing fashion events for Seaplane and managing the store. But I do have a few really sweet knit necklaces for sale $38-54. Pictures coming soon...
go to to see what we've been working on at the store!

Also please come by Close knit for the book release Party! Whoo Hoo! Details below....
"Laura Irwin is going to share an evening with us on November 15th for a book signing of her beautiful new book "Boutique Knits" due in late October by Interweave. We will also offer a workshop that day with Laura teaching us how to accessorize and add hardware to our knits and felted items. Expect more information from us on this special event. Her class is already posted for this day for sign up." call Close Knit to sign up for the workshop!


Stephanie said...

I just bought your book today at Barnes and Noble. I hadn't heard anything about it but I thought I recognized your name from bag style. I am really excited about some of these projects. I especillay love the Big Brown Bag and the bittersweet gauntlets. I also like the whiskey felted hat but it looks a little bit odd on the model in the book so I'm waiting to see how it looks on other people. I can't wait for the projects to show up on Ravelry so I can que them. Anyway great book!! I love it.

yahaira said...

I just got your book in the mail and I had to tell you how beautiful I found it. Congratulations and I hope this is a major success for you!

There are so many projects I want to get started on. I think Ill be knitting every hat in the collection, the bittersweet gauntlets, the hoodie, the kerchief, and the soft kid bubble - though Im not sure how that one would look on me.