Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What's UP? this is personal.

Dear Readers,
I have been somewhat absent from the blog, and wanted to catch up!
I moved in January, and have been "patiently" (thanks babe!) waiting for my studio/work space to be built/finished. The basement remodel has been going on since mid January- and I think I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Having space to work is absolutely crucial, and let's just say- pulling yarn and needles out of boxes for the last six months has been a little bit of a challenge. But the end is NEAR- So Hooray!
Because of my knitting "break"- I've been able to put all of my creative energy into some new ideas. Community building ideas. Ideas that are still in process. Ideas I hope will help facillitate Portland's fashion community. Interested in knowing more???? Well, I can't tell you, yet- but soon!!

In the meantime (or Phase One) I've started a Facebook Group PDX Fashion Trade.
Our Statement:
"Portland's Fashion Scene thrives because of 
it's wonderful generous community! It wouldn't be able to exist if it weren't for the trade of services. This is a small step to help bring our community closer, and make finding what we need as Designers, Models, Stylists, Photographers, Shop Owners, Window Dressers, Fashion Writers, etc .... a little easier! Please invite anyone to be a part of this group who has a service that could benefit Portland Fashion!"

I extend an invitation to any readers who are looking to connect, serve or trade in Portland Fashion.
Cloud Society

Old news to most, but I am no longer manager at Seaplane. My last day was in November 08. I miss seeing my buddy and coworker Niki all the time, but am loving her new website, and cocktail hat line with Jamie Hanson , Cloud Society!

I am still working at Pinkham Millinery two days a week, always in awe of Dayna's mind, and looking forward to a collaboration with her in the coming months...

New New News is that I am working for friend, Loren Peters, owner and designer of [Adorn] in Morgan's Alley. One of the best tiny shops in Portland, right across the "alley" from Pinkham Millinery. In the Fall I'll have some accessories for sale in the shop, but don't worry- I'll let you know when. Until then- I'll just be working it all out!

Next Thursday I am going to be giving a presentation and at the Tigard Knitting Guild- for Boutique Knits, with trunkshow in tow!

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