Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Tigard Knitting Guild

The only photo I took, as the first members settled in for the evening Program

Last month I gave a presentation on "Boutique Knits" to The Tigard Knitting Guild at the Tigard Senior Center. I'm guessing there were about 60-80 members attending, which was the largest group I've ever stood in front of. I've taught many knitting classes, even 45 8-15 year old girls at Fashion Design Camp, last summer, but I've never spoken for a solid hour about my creative process and work. The members were so wonderful, and made it so comfortable for me to speak, that I actually exceeded my scheduled time. I want to give the Guild a big THANK YOU and encourage other Portland knitters to join if they are looking for a group to knit with. They are highly organized and do all sorts of charitable work, and fun outings-like the Portland shop hop....just check out their updated website for more of what they do!

Special thanks to Patti Irvin for inviting me to speak! It was great to see so many familiar faces from the Lint days!

Patti sent me this review from their Newsletter- So sweet!!!

June Program Review by Anna Guillemot Young, bubbly, creative, enthusiastic, spunky, daring, all describe Laura Irwin! The Portland designer and author taught herself to knit seven years ago, and look at her now! She doesn't mind telling you that she sometimes knits and then decides what it is she has created. But just take a look at her creations! Her presentation was very well-organized, based on her book, Boutique Knits: 20+ must-have accessories. She showed us a "pseudo-shibori" scarf, an assortments of 30's-inspired cloches and hats, wrist-warmers with the added glamour of glitzy yarn or Fair Isle motifs, a sweater top with minimal shaping and some tops with intricate designs and original use of buttons, a wild assortment of felted bags assembled with "Chicago screws" and even a bubble dress. She graciously let us touch and feel her creations and she answered questions. A big thank you to Laura for a most inspiring evening. Some of us just might be inclined to let go of a few conventions and to give free rein to our imaginations. To obtain her book, check with your local yarn shop for availability or go to

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