Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Knitting Finishing Services at Haunt

Hello Friends! I have added a new page to my blog that includes Finishing Services I am offering at Haunt. See below for the details!

Are you feeling guilty about that unfinished project that you meant to give to your sister/husband/best friend/self two Christmases/Birthdays/Anniversaries ago? Well let go! I am here to help. I am now offering finishing services at Haunt. I am working on a detailed price list for my services, but as we know all projects are different and require more or less time.

Basic Sweater Finishing

  • Weaving in Ends starting at $ 25
  • Sewing Pieces Together $ 40
  • Knit Neckband starting at $ 30
  • Knit Button Band and sewing buttons for Cardigans $50
  • Blocking $25
  • Zippers $30


  • Weaving in Ends starting at $25 an hour
  • Repairs starting at $25 and hour

Please contact me to set up a time to meet at My studio/shop/showroom is located at 811 E Burnside Suite 113.

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marybeth lynn said...

What an excellent idea - I did have a pair of mittens that I had made for my mom Christmas 2008. They were lovely fair isle mittens and I got myself all psyched out about not being capable of getting the thumbs off the waste yarn. They sat and the guilt grew for 18! yes 18 months!!! Finally scraped myself together and finished them - and it was a LOT EASIER than I "thought" it would be - but I would have jumped at the chance.