Friday, October 29, 2010

Project Runway

Back in August, I believe, Gretchen Jones asked me to produce the knitwear for her Project Runway Collection to be shown at New York Fashion Week. What an amazing honor, and huge challenge! We chose a beautiful fingering weight silk from Australia, and like hands on fire, I worked around the clock for 2-3 weeks. It was work that a knitting machine could've accomplished in a fraction of the time, but Gretchen knew she wanted hand knit, and I was thrilled to oblige!

Congratulations to my friend Gretchen Jones! Special thanks to my knitting crew Leigh Radford and Jamie Sajovik! Check out the Bloomers, Crop Top, and Romper! Stunning designs, and yes, she hand dyed all of the knitwear!

Photos Courtesy of Gretchen Jone's Facebook Album.

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Sweet Ronit said...

Laura - Kudos to you for creating such lovely knitwear for the runway of NY Fashion Week! What an honor! I love the knit pieces in Gretchen's collection, they look so luscious and comfy to wear.