Saturday, January 08, 2011

Winter Deep

Now that the Holidays are over we can all take a breath, stop eating second helpings and...treat ourselves to something special. I've come up with a couple new designs, the Snail Twist Cowl, Trooper Earflap and more colors of the Snail Twist Headband! Visit my etsy site for additional photos!


cheekg said...

Will the pattern for the Snail Twist Headband be available to buy? I bought Boutique Knits and am waiting for it to arrive. I don't believe that pattern is in the book. I love your designs and can't wait to start knitting!

laura said...

Hi Cheekg,
I am working on having the pattern available for purchase, but want to make sure it is easy to understand! Thanks for buying Boutique Knits! I hope you love it!

cheekg said...

I'm so excited my book came and the RYC yarn you had. I just finished the band for the Side Slip Cloche. So far the instructions are easy to follow. My daughter is going to love this hat. Thanks!