Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Download Patterns from Etsy

Ordering patterns from Etsy is finally user friendly! No longer do you have to wait for your patterns to be emailed to you! As soon as you place your order, you are given a link to your downloadable PDF.

This is Huge, especially because the Softwaves e-Book has not been available on Ravelry as a download, because of their weird system of entering all of the patterns separately; therefore not really being able to offer a pretty intentional package!
 I am really really excited, and just want everyone to enjoy a fun downloading 20% off of everything in my Etsy shop! Use Coupon Code DOWNLOADLOVE. 

1 comment:

Alex said...

Just so you know, you CAN make things downloadable only-in-ebook-form in Ravelry- they just want separate entries for the individual patterns and then the ebook is the "source".

But anyway... I am SO EXCITED that etsy is finally doing this! I stopped selling on etsy years ago because I was tired of mailing the pdfs, and now I can reopen my shop. Whee!