Friday, February 10, 2006

Interweave Knits Spring Issue

This is a big moment for me! My first Published Pattern!

Here it is! The Bridgetown Belt Bag. Hurray!


Anonymous said...

What would you think of adding short rows to the garter stitches to help it lay flat?

Suzanne Bryan
Bakersfield, CA

Laura said...

Go for it! But Where you would put them? The Stockinette part is what's making it curl in. I've found that once you block it, and wear it tight around your body, there's no Problem with curling. It probably actually helps it from stretching out, at the top and bottom, perhaps. Take it to the next level, Suzanne, Make it Hot, and yours! Check out for inspiration. Anna Sui has a beautiful belt bag in her Fall 06 collection!-laura

Anonymous said...

I tried adding the short rows about every 10 rows just in the garter stitch - in other words I added a short row in the first 4 stitches - in the 8 stitches and then again in the last 4 stitches - it looks pretty good and lays flat. I am not finished so haven't tried it on yet. I love the pattern and can think of many ways to change the bag patterns - thanks for the pattern.

Suzanne Bryan