Sunday, July 23, 2006

Woodland Connection Bag Corrections

This is my worst fear. You design and knit, you work hard on writing your patterns, and then you sell them to wonderful stores, and later You find a Problem. Not just a typo, but something that changes the whole shape of the project.
My stomach churns.
I worked at a yarn store for 2 years, and helped customers and students through faulty patterns, while both of us cursed it the whole time.

And now, I must apologize for some blatant and extremely bad pattern writing. The Lovely Woodland Connection Bag has some problems, (I just had some wonderful ladies in this class)
First and foremost is the fact that in the pattern, after the initial increases, I fail to mention that you must work 17 rows in St St before you begin your Decreases. And if you had the help of a knowledgeable knitter, you could probably get through the button hole cables on the flap. But their were many random miscounted sts.

So I apologize, and have rewritten it, with all the problems in check. I do not want to put out an irresponsible product, and am very sorry if I have caused any one to throw down their work, and curse my name!

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